Webinar /// Taking stock after the tender: what's in store for PV in Argentina?

1 December 2016 /// 9am Buenos Aires -  1pm CET time

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Topics of this webinar:

  • Success of the RenovAr program

  • Update and review on auction rounds 1 and 1.5

  • Future outlook

Argentina’s first ever solar PV tender in which 400MW of solar capacity was awarded by the government from 2.8GW of bids offered, has quickly turned the country in one of the hottest solar markets in LATAM. This first round exceeded all expectations so a 1.5 follow-up round takes place November 2016. 

This extra playoff round targets another 200MW of PV capacity from those that can lower their previous bids to the average price of winners in round 1: $59.75/MWh. Round 1.5 winning bids will be announced 23rd of November. This makes the webinar on December 1st the ideal chance to hear the latest from the running program directly from Mauro Soares, the National Director for Renewable Energy at the ministry.

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