Solarplaza has been organizing events since 2004, hosting over 100 events in over 30 countries. This line-up included 11 previous events in Latin American markets - including Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica & Mexico.

Latin America Track Record
El Futuro Solar Argentina
3rd edition

8-9 May 2018 /// Buenos Aires, Argentina

250+ Participants (expected)

Solar Asset Management LATAM
2nd edition

17-18 October 2017 /// Santiago de Chile

150+ Participants

“The event is really focused in the solar sector in Chile, with great synergy between participants.” - Business Development /// Solargis

El Futuro Solar Argentina
2nd edition

28-30 March 2017 /// Buenos Aires, Argentina

250+ Participants

“The conference was rewarding, enabling access to market and business insights.” - Plant Manager /// Knauf

Solar Asset Management LATAM
1st edition

28-29 September 2016 /// Santiago, Chile

150+ Participants

“An excellent opportunity to meet others working within the market and discuss the key challenges facing it.” - Project Engineer /// 350 Renewables

Solar PV Trade Mission Argentina & Uruguay
1st edition

6-10 June 2016 /// Argentina - Uruguay

200+ Participants

“Very well organized event that connects the participants with local stakeholders.” - Chief Risk Officer /// Rabobank

Solar PV Trade Mission Colombia & Panama
2nd edition

16-20 November 2015 /// Colombia - Panama

100+ Participants

“Solarplaza people know how to organize an event, and they deliver what they promise in terms of contacts, content and market knowledge. This kind of seminar is extremely helpful, for how it is structured, when you need to approach an opening market with no previous local support and a lot to learn in a very short time.” - GM Project Management /// JA Solar

Solar Project Development & Finance Tour Mexico
3rd edition

9-13 March 2015 /// Mexico-City, Mexico

100+ Participants

“Key hub for learning about Mexico solar: substantive information, leading industry participants, valuable networking and all well-organized” - Anonymous

Solar PV Trade Mission Panama & Costa Rica
1st edition

10-14 November 2014 /// Panama - Costa Rica

“A very interactive and comprehensive event any Solar PV player should attend for knowing what's going on in Central America” - Business Development Director /// Solarpack

Solar PV Trade Mission Mexico
2nd edition

3-7 March 2014 /// Mexico-City, Mexico

“The Solarplaza team facilitated an excellent conference and networking opportunity for professionals interested in Mexican PV development” - Solar Analyst /// GTM Research

Solar PV Trade Mission Mexico
1st edition

25 February - 1 March 2013 /// Mexico-City, Mexico

“A business networking opportunity to meet with likeminded people and key local players” - Business Development Director /// Power One

Solar PV Trade Mission Chile
1st edition

12 - 16 November 2012 /// Santiago, Chile

“The Trade Mission provided many valuable contacts and all of the basic information regarding the development of the Chilean Solar Market” - Vice President /// Southern Solar Systems

PV Business Tour Brazil
1st edition

17 - 21 September 2012 /// São Paulo, Brazil

“The Solarplaza business tour was a great way of exploring the market, especially because of the networking opportunities and the top quality of the conference and meetings that were organized.” - Business Development Manager /// Jinko Solar